STAR bit holder, the professional tool for faster, safer and more economic work with all kinds of screws

All FELO products are the result  of 140 years of experience in the development of tools, therefore you can rely 100% on the functionality of STAR bit holders. A spring loaded magnet automatically provides safe hold of the fastener. The movable sleeve individually adjusts the bit to every screw head. Even heavy screws are reliably held in all work positions and at all speeds! Robust build and high quality, wear-free components result in unlimited lifetime.

Quality guaranteed!

No need to hold the screw. One hand remains free for positioning the work-piece or securing your stand.

Compact design and fast change of bits

The compact build of the STAR bit holder makes it a versatile and easy to store tool, created for simple and fast change of bits. Robust build and high-quality, wear-free components for unlimited lifetime.

Quality guaranteed!

FELO-STAR Bitholder Video

FELO Star bit holder at a glance:

  • Safe hold of screw and bit
  • Automatic adjustment of bit and screw
  • Genuine one-hand operation
  • Simple and fast change of bits
  • Compact build