E-SLIM screwdrivers: slimmer and longer handles make them your ideal tools for electrical work, even in tight places

Precise use of torque in tight spaces, safe work distance and better overview with handles that are 30% slimmer and 20% longer than conventional screwdriver handles. 

The specially designed handle give electricians the best balance of torque and control.

E-SLIM screwdriver were developed with electricians for the special requirements of electrical work. The insulation is up to 50% slimmer than on conventional VDE screwdrivers, putting countersunk screws and spring elements into reach.

Safe work up to 1000 Volts in difficult to reach places

All screwdrivers are certified according DIN EN 60900. Every individual tool tested in a water bath with 10.000 Volts. Safe work up to 1000 Volts guaranteed.

FELO E-Slim at a glance:

  • Slimmer and longer handles than conventional screwdrivers
  • Safety tool according DIN ISO 60900 – all tools individually tested with 10.000 Volts
  • Insulation aligned to blade diameter for work on countersunk screws
  • Developed with electricians for electricians