ERGONIC series 450 – The new ERGONIC with hammer head

The first truly ergonomic screwdriver with full-length blade and hammer cap!

Felo series 450 chisel drivers with full-length blade, hexagon bolster and hammercap are equipped with handles providing a unique vibration absorbing effect. The highly flexible cushions of the patented ERGONIC handle adapt to the user’s hand and interlock with its fingers, resulting in unsurpassed ergonomics, work comfort and control. Maximum torque at lower strain and increased sensitivity protect user, tools and work pieces.


Strong, comfortable and easy on the joints – Series 450 chisel-screwdriver with ERGONIC handle

ERGONIC is now available with full length hexagon blade, bolster and hammer cap– making tough work more comfortable.

The full length chisel driver blade is moulded into a perfectly ergonomic 3-component handle consisting of hard plastic core, flexible cushions and non-slip elastomer coating. The cushions of this patented handle absorb impact vibrations and protect muscles and joints. The geometry of the blades for slotted screws has been improved for better hold and increased maximum torque.

ERGONIC series 450  summary:

  • Full-length chisel blade with hammer cap
  • Minimal strain through perfect ergonomics
  • 15 years guarantee
  • Hexagon bolster for spanner
  • Improved geometry on blades for slotted screws for better grip and higher torque
  • High quality steel, perfectly hardened for maximum strength and durability exceeding DIN requirements by up to 100%
  • Black-Tip for precise fit
  • Anti-Roll design handle
  • EAN code on every tool for easy sales and stock processing