Smart exchangeable-blade screwdrivers: no-compromise professional quality and greatest versatility

Due to the unique 2-component handle with screwdriver and T-handle functions the Smart exchangeable-blade system is a universal all-purpose screwdriver tool. We offer a 15-year warranty. Even in daily professional usage, a SMART screwdriver is the right tool for every situation.

SMART screwdrivers with innovative handling: no repositioning of the blades necessary.

The new improved swivel mechanism deletes the necessity to unplug and reposition the screwdriver blade for the change between screwdriver- and T-handle applications. Your work gets done faster and more efficiently. All sizes are ¼” based and make the parts suitable for power tools.

Completely compact: 48 individual tools in one box

SMART is a complete 48-piece screwdriver workshop in one box! Precisely machined in every detail, perfectly hardened and neatly stored. This is the look of tools for pros.

FELO-SMART at a glance:

  • Uncompromising quality for professionals and greatest versatility
  • 2-component handle with comfortable grip for highest torque transmission
  • screwdriver and T-handle in one
  • ergonomically refined design
  • replaces 48 individual tools
  • blades made from high performance bit steel hardness/torque exceeding DIN standards by up to 100%
  • handle with anti-roll design
  • suitable for ¼” components
  • black-tip for precise fit

More Information

SMART [PDF 2 MB] Felo Catalogue