ProHold: Holds screws tight on the tool – every time

ProHold is a patented screw-holding system that works without mechanical parts (i.e. springs) or magnetism. Screws are held by the contact pressure of a nylon ball against the inside rim of their hexagon recess. Safely and every time. The 9 hex keys, measuring 1,5 to 10mm, are neatly stored and easy to pull out and are ideally suited for screws in difficult to reach spaces or in environments where dropped screws must be elaborately retrieved.

The hexagon ball head has a maximum working angle of 25°

The ball head is precisely machined to fit perfectly into the screw. For maximum reach and flexibility it is positioned on the long arm of the key. The ProHold nylon ball that is embedded in the ball head, is neither mechanic, with the risk of breakage, nor magnetic, and does not weaken the tool. It is noncorrosive and can be used on sensitive equipment. The short arm has a straight hexagon, precisely chamfered for quick insertion into the screw head and maximum torque when loosening or tightening screws.

Made from Protanium high torque steel, protected against corrosion with ProGuard

ProHold keys are made from specially developed Protanium high torque steel. They are perfectly hardened, up to 20% stronger than competitor products and highly resistant to wear and shattering. At every production step machining precision has top priority to achieve optimal fit of tool and fastener, resulting in speedy work, protection of screws against damage and durability of the tools. ProHold keys are protected with proGuard finish against corrosion 30% more effectively than tools with competitor finishes.

Felo ProHold summary:

  • ProHold holds screws tight on the tool every time!
  • Wear free and non-corrosive, no mechanical or magnetic components
  • Produced from specially hardened Protanium high torque steel
  • Chamfered tips for quick insertion and optimal fit
  • Ball head for operation at 25°angle
  • Unsurpassed in manufacturing precision, strength, durability
  • Lifefelong guarantee

More Information

 Innovations 2020 [PDF 3 MB]