1000 Volt safety bits – for fast and safe work in assembly and maintenance

Felo’s new 1.000 Volt safety bits provide maximum safety while working on current carrying equipment. Each individual bit is tested according IEC 60900 with 10,000 Volts. Manufactured from high performance steels in all common drive types with E 6,3 connectors for power tool the bits are ideally suited for work on switchboard cabinets and the installation of electricity meters.

A unique innovative bit-design for safety and precision

The safety bits are galvanically isolated by nonconductive plastic material to prevent the flow of electricity between the tip and the connecting side. The drive styles are colour coded for easy allocation to the different screw types.

1000 Volt bits summary:

  • Individually tested with 10.000 Volts
  • Galvanically isolated
  • Certified according IEC 60900
  • Ready for power tools
  • Made from high performance steels
  • Comprehensive colour coding
  • Optimal power transmission

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